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Quoia (koy’ a): Related to the sequoia, or redwood tree.
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In the sequoia forests of California is the Bernard and Mary Willett Grove, named in honor of Susan Willett’s great grandparents, Bernard and Tamara (Mary) Willett.

Organic communication, technology roots

Organic communication is an approach that deliberately examines an entire ecosystem, so all the elements surrounding a program, project or plan are considered.

It is neither top down, nor from the ground up, but rather a holistic practice. It  recognizes that even a simple conversation between two people takes place in an environment, at a certain place and time — all of which affect the experience.

Digging deep to ensure technology serves a strategic purpose

With a plethora of new and exciting technology tools available inside and outside the enterprise, it’s easy to grab onto the latest bright and shiny application as a way to solve a challenge.

We dig deep to unearth the issues that technology can address, and to craft a strategic plan that ensures the right tools are being deployed for the desired results.

By taking the time to lay the groundwork, and by employing technology strategically, we are planting the seeds for success.

About Susan Willett

Susan Willett portrait 100 handsSusan Willett works at the intersection of communication and technology, where she enhances the enormous power of today’s digital age by focusing on change management and the cultural, process, implementation, and communication strategies required to successfully launch, maintain and govern technology solutions for global organizations. A consultant with more than two decades of experience, Susan develops and delivers communication strategies, driving business and cultural transformation, and crafting strategic message platforms to support an organization’s goals, while bringing to the table an in-depth knowledge of today’s — and tomorrow’s — technology.

Social media inside and outside the enterprise

Applying social and emerging tools toward results-driven communications that engage audiences and align employees with company objectives, Susan takes into consideration the technology implications of integrated portal solutions, social media inside the enterprise, the mobile revolution and the trend toward Bring Your Own Device. She brings her knowledge to the Board of the New Jersey chapter of the IABC, where she serves as Vice President, Communication.

Working across functions and borders

In partnership with HR, IT, Corporate Communications and other departments, Susan delivers business analysis, design and implementation of online and mobile applications, change management strategies, conceptual and creative direction, and social media strategies. In addition to her technology expertise, Susan has in depth understanding of human resources issues and topics including corporate social responsibility, diversity, talent acquisition and retention, and cultural alignment. Her experience also includes external-facing communication, including public relations, website strategy and design, and concept and development for traditional media such as advertising, PSAs, annual reports, and direct mail campaigns.

But wait! There’s more!

There’s another side to Susan: she’s also an animal lover, author and award-winning blogger; read more about her or check out her blog Life with Dogs and Cats, where you’ll find her humorous stories, insights and photography describing life with three dogs and four cats.

Publications, speaking engagements and workshops

  • “From Blogger to Author: Getting Paid for Your Words, from Freelance Writer to Book Author,” Cat Writer’s Association Conference / BlogPaws, June 2016
  • “Blogging 101: Tips and Tools to Start a Blog and Keep it Going,” IABC New Jersey, April 2016
  • “If We Build It, Will They Come? Change Management and Adoption for Enterprise Social Networks,” Advanced Learning Institute Workshop, August 2015
  • “Reaching Millennials Where They Live: #Mobile” / Led panel discussion: The Branding Challenge for Employers in the Millennial Age, NJ IABC, 2014
  • “From Facebook to Twitter and Beyond: A Guide to Social Media,” Presentation, 2013
  • “Blogging Inside the Enterprise” NJ IABC, 2011
  • “The Perspective from Corporate Communications,” The Enterprise Portal by Logical Design Solutions, 2010
  • “Writing for the Web,” Writing Workshop, 2008


  • Multiple IABC Awards: Gold Quill, Silver Quill and IRIS Awards of Excellence
  • Art Directors Club of New Jersey Awards of Excellence, Bronze and Silver Medals
  • Logo Annual Awards of Excellence
  • Graphic Design USA Award of Excellence


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