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Creativity at your service

Concept development: Need an idea? A theme? A statement to galvanize engagement? Creating the right concept can, to paraphrase the Dude in The Big Lebowski, really tie your communications efforts together.

Internal and external branding: Who are you? And why should anyone care? External brand explains what, and internal brand focuses on how and why. Together they make up the sum total of an organization, and are integral to the way audiences perceive it, from employees to customers.Quick Chek mugs for creative page

Content strategy: What actually belongs on your website / intranet / mobile app / blog? What should it sound like? How often should it be updated? How can it be leveraged across multiple media? If you’re not asking these questions, you should be.

Storytelling and message development: Today’s jaded consumers are bombarded with content. How can you make sure your leaders are aligned, all messages are succinct, and the right audiences are receiving them? The answer is to develop targeted, relevant messages and deliver them through a story told consistently, and well.

Creative direction: It’s not just how it looks. It’s not just how it sounds. Or reads. It’s how it all works in sync to create a unified experience, across all media and channels. The colors. The tone. The vocabulary. Does it all work for you?

Writing and editing: At a loss for words? Need a ghost blogger? A speech writer? A good writer knows how to use words correctly. A superb writer is a wordsmith, a craftsperson who understands — and can synthesize strategy and concept, brand and message, story and tone to deliver purposeful content.

Examples of creative work

ipad sales tool video on ipad

Video series to introduce pharmaceutical sales force application

To generate awareness of a new sales force communication tool for a major pharmaceutical company, we wrote and provided creative direction for a video series. Each of the four videos were widely opened and viewed, generating excitement that lead up to the application launch.


Quick Chek mugs for creative page

Mugs to promote coffee sales at convenience store

To help support the launch of a new line of coffee, QuickChek stores needed a humorous mug. The mugs featured add-on quips to famous quotes such as “The rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated. All I needed was a cup of coffee.” –Mark Twain. Or “Beam me up, Scotty. There’s no coffee down here.”  –Captain James T. Kirk.


BIC home pageWebsite to support patient adherence to complex medication regimen

For hepatitis C patients taking a specific medication, following the regimen for nearly a year was essential; failure to do so would not only fail to cure the disease, but studies had shown that a second attempt did not work at all. A website was designed to connect patients to information and resources that would provide support throughout the lengthy treatment.


CVS annual report for creative pageAnnual reports from concept to completion

Though annual reports appear online, the traditional paper or PDF version needs to tell a story — one that targets current and potential investors, as well as current and potential employees. For several years, we developed annual reports that met those needs for CVS/Pharmacy, from initial concept through internal design and style to writing and proofreading.


security sam video on ipad

Cyber security video to promote awareness and action

From phishing to viruses to identity theft, cyber crime is an expensive issue for many organizations. Simple yet effective actions can help prevent cyber crime, yet many employees are unaware of what they can do. As part of a larger campaign for a major consumer products company, a video was developed to help drive awareness of specific and easy-to-implement steps to be cyber safe.


Lucent diversity calendar for creative page

Diversity awareness calendars

The best work comes from a team of diverse perspectives, yet it isn’t always easy to understand the different dimensions of diversity. For a large telecommunications company, the answer was a series of high-quality printed calendars that positioned diversity as an organizational imperative — with targeted messaging and commissioned artwork to represent different aspects and values of this concept.


Data clean up clean sweep

Data cleanup program

With several siloed legacy systems, the HR department at a telecommunications company didn’t have an accurate source of data about its employees. In order to ensure that correct information would be ported over to a new single repository, a campaign was developed to gather accurate data from the most accurate sources — the employees.

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