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Change management, adoption, and governance: If you build it, will they come? Change management and adoption plans are essential to building an engaged audience of users. Governance programs preserve the quality of digital assets, while ensuring the ability to flex as needs change.

Internal social media: Social tools are not just for marketing and external audiences; social inside the enterprise can galvanize an audience toward action, support an aspirational culture change, or bring disparate groups together, among other things. Few corporate internal social media programs meet expectations—and there are specific reasons home page pic

Content development: Writing for the web is an art and a science. And it’s very different than crafting a Tweet, or creating an engaging blog post.  The rules change with every tool; how can you leverage content across platforms for maximum effect?

Website and intranet development: Why do some intranets fail? Why doesn’t the target audience visit / read / respond? Successful websites, intranets and portals are much more than good visual design; they meet specific needs for targeted audiences, and solve them in a user-friendly manner.

Mobile app development: Mobile first? Mobile only? Mobile derivative? App only? These are questions to be answered when considering a mobile solution. Thinking through these questions strategically will help guide the right decisions and drive the best results.

Examples of digital and social media work

Social launch for digital social page v2Launch of social media and collaboration tools

A leading consumer products company was launching the IBM suite of social and collaboration tools. In order to generate awareness and adoption, and to help employees learn how to incorporate the tools into their daily work activities, a four-phase adoption plan was developed and implemented.


Valero on laptop

New external website needed to target diverse audiences

Retail consumers, business customers, potential employees and investors were identified as critical target audiences for Valero, an energy company. We needed to find a way to reach each of those segments with messages that encourage engagement, while positioning the company for the future.


ipad with HR site

HR intranet site for multiple targets

The HR function not only needs to support all employees, but also to find ways to enhance human resources capabilities. An intranet site was designed to contain strategic messaging about the influential programs offered by HR, and to direct employees to areas that address their needs. A separate area was created specifically for HR professionals to get their work done.


Wilhelm 3 phones grey background

Wilhem! An app that reproduces film’s most recognizable sound effects

A creative idea for simple-purpose app: play the scream sound effect known throughout the film industry as the “Wilhelm scream.” Additional effects were also added, including the Diddy laugh list and the sound of a red-tailed hawk. All content — as well as support in application development was provided by Quoia, LLC.


Asmanex home page design

A new indication for an asthma medication requires a new website

The challenge: a website for an asthma medication prescribed for both adults and children needed to be easily found through search, and quickly direct parents and patients to the right information. Our solution was to create a landing page to help visitors self identify and offer quick links to the content they sought.


T Rowe Price careers in monitor

Financial services company careers site

Studies show that job-seekers are enticed by different perks, benefits and culture depending on where they are in their careers. To attract the best candidates, a financial services company needed to re-focus their website. Four different paths targeted future employees with messages crafted specifically for their needs.

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